SEIU Targets In-Home Health Care Workers

Posted by Ryan O'Donnell on Fri, Feb 24, 2012 @ 10:38 AM

Unions need dues to survive, and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is certainly no exception. And as the amount of union dues collected across the country continues to plummet, organized labor is devising more and more “innovative” ways to keep its coffers full.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this campaign to squeeze every last dime out of potential union members—and taxpayers—has found its way to Connecticut.

In-Home Health Care Workers Under Siege

The SEIU has launched an aggressive campaign to collect dues from in-home health care workers.  Last December, Governor Malloy signed an executive order paving the way for daycare providers and personal care attendants to collectively bargain. And now, the SEIU is sending innocuous looking union authorization cards to employees’ homes. While the cards ask only if the employees wish to join the union, they do not inform employees of the consequences of replying: If the SEIU receives a majority of all returned cards in its favor, it becomes the exclusive bargaining representative for all of the state's in-home health care employees.SEIU Thugs

Should these in-home health care workers wind up being represented by the SEIU, Connecticut taxpayers will be de facto paying dues to the SEIU. After all, these in-home caregivers are paid, in part, through a subsidized state program. If chunks of these employees’ subsidized salaries are then passed along to the SEIU, taxpayers will be footing the bill for Organized Labor’s radical political agenda, and its leaders' bloated six figure salaries and out-of-control boondoggles. It’s unlikely that this is the scenario Connecticut taxpayers envisioned when they learned their monies would be subsidizing in-home health care workers.

Bottom Line for Employers

Frightened by underfunded pension plans and declining union membership, the SEIU is getting desperate. But a desperate union is a dangerous union—particularly when the union in question is the SEIU. Employers should view this latest dues-grab as yet another example of how unions are willing to do whatever it takes to remain relevant. And as more and more workers decide union membership isn’t the right choice, organized labor is turning to its political allies (and their access to taxpayer money) for support.


--Ryan O'Donnell is an Siegel O'Connor associate specalizing in union avoidance campaigns.

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